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MAONO PD400X USB/XLR Dynami...

MAONO PD400X USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

The MAONO PD400X Microphone is the perfect companion for aspiring musicians, podcasters, and content creators looking to elevate their audio recording game. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this condenser microphone delivers exceptional sound quality and is tailored for use in home studios.

Featuring a large diaphragm and a cardioid polar pattern, the MAONO PD400X Microphone price captures sound directly from the front while effectively reducing background noise, ensuring crystal-clear recordings. Its versatile design allows for easy placement and positioning, making it suitable for a variety of recording setups.

The MAONO PD400X Microphone price in 2023 the best Microphone is a wired microphone that offers both XLR and USB-C connectivity options, providing flexibility to connect to a wide range of devices, including audio interfaces, mixers, and computers. With its 24-bit/48kHz bit depth and sample rate, this microphone guarantees high-quality audio recordings, capturing a wide frequency range from 40Hz to 16kHz.

Adjusting the microphone's sensitivity is a breeze, thanks to its adjustable gain range of 0 to +42dB. This control allows you to fine-tune the microphone's response to suit different recording scenarios. Whether you're recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, or any other audio, the PD400X MAONO delivers exceptional results with remarkable clarity and detail.

With a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of over 130dB SPL, the MAONO PD400X handles even the loudest sound sources without distortion. The microphone's sensitivity is well-optimized for both XLR and USB connections, ensuring accurate and precise signal conversion.

The MAONO PD400X Microphone Price in bd is a reliable and versatile tool that provides a professional-grade recording experience in the comfort of your home studio. It's an ideal choice for musicians, podcasters, and content creators who seek exceptional audio quality without breaking the bank. Upgrade your recordings with the MAONO PD400X Microphone price in Bangladesh 2023 and bring your creative projects to life with rich, studio-quality sound. 


    • CARDIOID PATTERN: Equipped with a Cardioid pattern with excellent off-axis noise suppression performance.

    • 3-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION COMPOUND KNOB: easy to turn it to adjust the microphone gain, headphone volume, and monitor ratio, and press the knob to switch the adjustment mode.

    • WORK WITH MAONO-LINK: Maono Link provides functions such as microphone gain, headphone volume, microphone tone, equalizer, limiter, and compressor allowing PD400X to perform more functions.

    • REAL-TIME MONITORING: 3.5mm headphone real-time monitoring output, upgrade the amp to better support high-end monitoring headphones.

    • 1 TAP TO MUTE: Intuitive and easy to reach with a simple click of fingertip availability.

    • STANDARD ⅜” and ⅝” THREADED INTERFACE: You are allowed to connect any bracket you like, with a desktop bracket iron plate.

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